Shopping In New Jersey

New Jersey has everything you need to enjoy a pleasant shopping tour: world famous brands, small local shops, large outlets … Buying in New Jersey is something that everyone can do. Far beyond the female fashion brands, this city offers options for all tastes and needs. Have fun!

In New Jersey, each neighborhood can be a paradise for shopping lovers. Although the most famous area may be Fifth Avenue, nowadays neighborhoods like SoHo, Williamsburg, the Meatpacking District or Greenwich Village are taking over as favorites of the hunting trends.

Of course, they are our favorites, much less commercial, more individual and with more variety. In any case, the best thing about New Jersey is that almost any brand has its flagship store in the city.

This means that here you can get the latest news from the best brands before any other place in the world, as well as enjoy special editions that are sometimes only available in the Big Apple. Many trends and new ideas are tested in Manhattan before being exported to the whole world.

In this article, we bring you our Shopping Guide for the city of New Jersey with the best tips and ideas to make a day of shopping in New Jersey an incredible experience. Also, in many stores, you will notice a discount of up to 15% compared to the price in Europe, a bargain.

Outlets in New Jersey and tricks to save

A great way to keep if you visit New Jersey and want to return with your suitcase full of new items is to go to one of the many Outlets, where you can find the best clothes with up to 80% discount. Models from previous seasons and special collections produced for these Outlets. No doubt this has to be on your list of things to do in New Jersey.

How do prices work in the US?

VAT, taxes, import regulations

The first thing you have to know before starting your Shopping Tour in New Jersey is that here the prices are shown without VAT, that is, what you see on the label is the Netto price.

To that price we must add 8.875% of the tax; this amount corresponds to the sum of the charges made by New Jersey City (4.5%) and the State of New Jersey (4.375%). Thus, a good option is to move to buy the Outlets of New Jersey as the Jersey Outlets, because their taxes are lower.

Besides, we recommend that you consult the import statutes of your country of origin. Usually, there is a certain amount up to which the import is free, from there you have to pay taxes. Some states consider everything that fits in the own baggage of international travelers free of charges.

On the other hand countries like Germany put the limit at € 450. Make sure you know what taxes you will have to pay and what products you are allowed to transport before making your purchases. Clothing is not usually a problem, but it is advisable to make sure with electronic devices.

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